Reach targeted clients and customers

Meet new clients or customers , generate leads and expand your sales.  We use relevant keywords which helps websites to rank very well at the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo Search and more.

We provide the following services in digital marketing:

    • Email marketing
      Webnorcity will create a “sign up or subscribe form” which will Collect email addresses to schedule, automate and send bulk emails to your clients or customers.


    • Social Media Marketing
      We create outstanding YouTube videos, Facebook pages, fb groups. FB Fan / business page logo, cover photos, marketing posts etc. we can assist you in linking all your social media business page(s) to your website.


      • Text / SMS Marketing
        Webnorcity can design and develop an advanced text / SMS marketing web application for businesses. Send bulk texts messages worldwide from the dashboard of your website like 10,000 text messages in 10 seconds.


    • Cost per click (CPC)
      Cost Per click is also termed as “Paid Marketing “.
      We’ll let your website rank at the first page of Google in less than 24 hours for $200. We can also let your Facebook posts reach 10,000 people in one day for $50.

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