About Legit Online Jobs

About the system

Legit online Jobs by Webnorcity offers the best digital or online recruitment services in the world. Job seekers can find thousands of job opportunities in the search results of the job search engine within the dashboard.

Thousands of jobs are posted by many reputable companies around the world on a daily basis. Members of the site can find many different types of Jobs from “Part-time to full-time “in variety of industries like Finance, Engineering, Education, Science, Medicine, Web design & development, Arts & Graphics/Editing, Agriculture and many more.

Members do not only find jobs but the system allows them to post job vacancies or hire professionals.




Many job applicants have been recruited and are working in big firms worldwide. Job seekers find it easier and flexible to search and apply for jobs instantly via the search engine. For instance, members use the search engine to find and apply for jobs in their current city or closer or let’s say if you plan on relocating to another country you can search and apply for jobs in your destination country.



There are no limits to the number of jobs you can apply at a certain period of time. You can search and apply for tens(10’s) to hundreds (100’s,) of job vacancies or more.



The system is accessible in almost every country. Users may search by Country, City or zip.Webnorcity’s Legit Online Job Portal Website supports all website browsers ie Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and all. It supports all smart phone browsers as well (responsive).


Pricing = 0(free for all)

Our job recruitment system is free to use and there are no hidden fees or payment required. As new members of the system continue to find good jobs more companies post fresh job vacancies.


Upgrades and Support

Webnorcity upgrades the system by adding more features frequently. If you wish to make a donation for this project you can kindly contact us via info@webnorcity.com

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