Email Marketing

List Building

Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy which allows a marketer to send, schedule or automate bulk emails to subscribers. These emails are usually termed as newsletters. Email marketing systems can be grouped into five categories and they are :
1.List Building
2.Email Automation
3.Mass Delivery
4.Email marketing analytics.
5.Traffic and Sales generation

List Building

Completing a website or a blog is just the beginning of running it but getting visitors, clients, customers or traffic to your website is yet another challenge. Most at times, freelancers and business owners become very interested in running their business online by creating a website that can return their investments (“ROI” (Return Over Investments)).

Over the past decade, internet technology has improved and increased in usage worldwide. Many great people have used the internet to improve their research, lifestyle and businesses.  Google for instance offers a wide range of unique services worldwide to Billions of users every day and is one of the giant Internet Firms on the web. Similar as Facebook and many more. Google and Facebook are two of the most popularly ranked website today with billion-dollar assets. Many more companies are running million-dollar website, others are also running thousands, some hundreds, and most $0 at all.

If your business is not on the internet then now is the time. it is never too late to show your presence online because the world is changing, technology is improving everyday and nothing ever get downgraded. Most software, apps and script are being upgraded almost all the time. Billions of people are on the internet searching for your help, your services or your products. Build as much as email list as you can and start broadcasting information about your your business to your list (Business contact list.)

You can assume that publishing and hosting a fully functional website is just 50 percent of running a successful business online and getting customers, clients, followers, visitors (Traffic) to your website is the other half of the job.

There are many ways of getting leads, followers or traffic to your website. One of the major strategies is email marketing. This method of digital marketing is used by many digital advertisers and businesses on the internet. Email marketing gives you the ability to send one newsletter or message to many email addresses at a time (Subscribers).

The first and most essential thing to do before you can run a successful email marketing campaign is build your email list. Building your email list could be a bit challenging for beginners but there is a saying that goes like “Rome wasn’t built in a day “and “The expert was once a beginner “

Adding new contacts to your mobile phone (phone book) is a good example of building your email list. For instance, a brand-new phone with a new sim card usually have no contact. Every new phone comes with empty contact list but every mobile phone user adds or stores new numbers as time goes on.

There are no limitations to the number of emails that you can build on your list. You can have unlimited number of emails from thousands to billions of addresses on your list and deliver bulk messages to your subscribers.

How to Build Email List

  1. Create a sign-up form
  2. Drive traffic
  3. Manage your list

Creating a Sign-up form.

There are various email marketing service providers who provide quality email delivery services to users worldwide. The two most popular email marketing service providers are MailChimp and Getresponse. You can easily create a sign-up form and integrate it on your blog or your website.

Sign-up forms are also termed as lead forms. A basic sign up form usually contains two fields which request for a user name and an email address. This type of sign up form can build unlimited amount of email list.